Yearly Safety Inspections
Make sure your chimney is in good working order by having it inspected on a yearly basis.
The NFPA recommends this as a fire safety standard.
Chimney Sweeping
Chimney fires are dangerous to you house and family. We clean Fireplace Flues, Wood stove flues
and your heating system flues. Furnace flues are used the most out of all the vents in your house and
should be cleaned regularly.
Glazed Creosote Removal
3rd Stage Creosote looks like tar and can be highly flammable and volatile.
Very hot chimney fire can emerge from this kind of build up.
Chimney Caps
Stainless Steel or Copper caps offer worry free care of the chimney preventing rain, animals and
leaves from entering your chimney.
Stainless Steel Lining Systems
When chimneys get old or they are damaged by chimney fires or the natural corrosion of oil and
gas exhaust we can reline them and give them a new life expectancy.
Stainless steel liners are the least expensive and with their warranty the best way to repair broken
or damaged flues. There are other methods to restore your system as well we are not equipped
Masonry Repairs
From crowns and pointing to partial rebuilds we take care of your chimneys masonry needs.
Protects masonry chimneys from rain and water damage.
Water can deteriorate the mortar and brick inside and out.
Wood stove Installation
Wood stove installation can be a nerve racking task. We make sure the stove is installed meeting
all fire safety standards for proper safety and enjoyment. Lets just say that the proper way to
install a wood stove is not the quick and least expensive way when it comes to home safety.
Animal Removal
Animals get in chimneys, a warm dry place. Sometimes the nest in there sometimes they can't get
out. We remove them as humanely as possible. Then we offer methods to prevent their return.
Level 2 Video Inspection
A level 2 inspection of a chimney is required for the sale of a home, changing of a system such as a
boiler or furnace and when there has been an incident such as a chimney fire. Also it can useful to
have the chimney video inspected when the system is swept as part of the service for an additional
charge added on the a regular cleaning.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
A dryer vent is all ways getting lint build up in it and needs to be cleaned out occasionally. We offer
a quick clean service that will keep the flow clear in your dryer vents. A blocked dryer vent could
cause a fire or at least your dryer to over heat.
Alternative heating sources
     With todays higher heating cost we offer professional installation  and service to gas wood and pellet
stoves. For Wood and Pellet stoves and inserts we are able to acquire the proper permit so that all bases
are covered with your town and the insurance company requirements. We can get certain brand name
stove but are yet to have a showroom. We also install Gas logs, fireplaces and inserts unfortunately
because of MA state codes only a Licenced plumber can connect the Gas line and acquire the permit.
The installation will be in accordance with manufacturers specification and MA state codes required.
Safety of the appliance in your home is our first concern when making alternative heating system fulfill
your needs.