Chimneys (the exhaust system of your home)
Need Your Attention
A fireplace is a great source of entertainment, but it is not a heating system.
An unclean fireplace can ruin your home.
These pictures show a worse case scenario
Heavy Creosote in flue
This is a controlled chimney fire
the end result can be devastating
Without a chimney cap in place, birds, squirrels and raccoons can get into your chimney and
make their home.  These animals can prevent your chimney flue from venting properly and
making your house unpleasant to live in. Occasionally, animals will get down into the flue,
becoming trapped and die there. Squirrels are capable of blocking up a furnace flue so tight
that no exhaust cannot flow through causing it to vent into your house, which could result in
carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide poisoning.
These critters can make the house smell really bad when inside chimney
Most fire departments recommend installing a cap on
your chimney.
The exhaust from you heating system has a strong sulfur based soot.  Rain water and sulfur
mixed create sulfuric acid that eats away the masonry chimney liner.  
Today's high-efficiency furnaces are efficient, but they will vent a high acidic steam into the
chimney causing decay.  
Therefore, Stainless steel liners are recommended.  
Water is one of the greatest foes of masonry construction.
With enough experiance we can even tell where the hardest weather comes from.
Masonry repairs can be very costly, but regular inspections and repairs will
keep that cost to a minimum.
If you look closley you can see the squirrells head on top of the chimney
This flue collapes in a large complex venting the heating system causing the CO2 alarm to go off
This is getting larger due to decaying brick in an unlined flue
Due to sulfuric acid decay these clay tiles are getting thinner
THough there is a clay liner there is also forein material as well inside the flue
Obvious water problems but more than that exhaust gasses leaking thru
This flue has no liner and bricks are begining to thin out
Blocked heating flue found after hole was cut on the outside of the chimney
Hole cut to find Heating system flue
This door is installed on the back of a fireplace that was impossible to clean the smoke chamber without this door