This is a job done recently. In the initial visit I noticed something wrong with the chimney venting the gas
heating system fro the basement. A year later I was called back to make repairs as the walls were now
opened and this is what was found and what we did.
This was all hidden behind a wall. I knew there was an issue but never did I consider it to be this serious.
There was soot all around from an old oil boiler that was there before the conversion. The new system was
installed without any kind of inspection of the chimney. You can see fro the black stain where the flue
gases traveled up the wall.
This is what we did to repair this.
This chimney was not right. The pictures you see show a chimney that is not plumb a PVC pipe was used as
the roof support and the black tar, very flammable, was used improperly. There was no support to hold the
weight of the class A chimney.
The pipes where supported under the new flashing with the proper support and a collar was installed in the
inside to give the finished look this chimney never had.
This is a typical liner being installed for an oil furnace. Pictures where taken for the
customer to see what was being installed